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The Sound of My Voice


The Sound of My Voice

The sound of my voice
Has been silenced for so long
And is just now beginning
To be heard.
I was strangled by all of the things
That I could not say
In polite society
About my abuse history
About boundaries or lack thereof
About a predator’s body rub
But since I no longer care
About fitting in anywhere
Polite society can kiss my ass
While I recite poetry
On YouTube for anyone to see
Because this is not just about me
I am part of an elite crew
Of hardened warriors
Who have battled through
More than their fair share of horrors
Who live with nightmares
And flashbacks
And still get up to take
The kids to school
Because that’s just what you do

So now I sing for all of you
And together our voices raised
In harmony
We declare to the world
Look at me!
And see the damages done
While you looked the other way
We declare a need for action
And accountability
So that we don’t have to worry
About whether our children
Will share our history.

The sound of my voice
Erupts from my throat
Like a thousand caged birds
Set free
Wings flapping
As they reach for the sky
Knowing finally
They are free to fly

Joyelle Brandt

This poem was inspired by a prompt from the Reverb 14 project.

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