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Thank you Huffington Post

We are so thrilled to have been featured on Huffington Post this week, with Dawn’s original piece of writing that started this project.

2014-12-15-raisingagirl-thumbHere is an excerpt from the piece:

“Momma, Can I put on some makeup?”

I tell my daughter she is beautiful without it, but “Sure honey, what’s the harm?”

Internally, I am struggling with ideas of beauty and sexuality and safety and how all of this will play out in her life. I can’t help but want to tell my daughter “no,” she can’t wear makeup; and in the years ahead of her, “no,” she can’t wear anything that sexualizes her in any way. I want to protect her as much as I can against catching the attention of a predator — even knowing that idea is a farce. Makeup and fashion statements have nothing to do with victimization. Predators don’t look for lipstick and short skirts. They look and wait for opportunity, usually within surroundings that are comfortable to a child.

At her age, I became a sexual object to someone. I know enough now to know, it had nothing to do with what I looked like, but more the opportunity given to a man with a sick addiction and no self control. It’s not what the child looks like, but how vulnerable she is.

You can read Dawn’s full post here.

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