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Staring at the Sun

I would like to dedicate this post to all the brave people who are sending in submissions to Trigger Points. Thank you for sharing your stories with us, we are so incredibly grateful to you.


Staring at the sun

When you are small

Your mother tells you

Not to look at the sun


For fear of blindness

Looking back in time

At these hazy memories

Is much the same

One cannot look directly,

One must slide their gaze

Just slightly to the side

Or just below

Much like a giant ball

Of fire in the sky

These memories have

Weight and depth and gravity

And can burn you

If you get too close

So you dance around them

Describe moments in their absence

Instead of presence

Seeking understanding

And some form of acceptance

If only in abstraction

It’s a fine line

This tight-rope walk

Of delving in

But not too far

Digging down

But not too deep

Staring at the sun

With our shades on

–Joyelle Brandt

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