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Anthology submissions update

So our initial deadline has passed, and we want to thank everyone who has sent in their submissions for your bravery and your trust in us. Dawn and I have been looking through the submissions, and we have been talking about our vision for this project as a whole. We have decided on a few changes that we want to make, so here is what we are thinking at this point:

1. We are extending the deadline for submissions to May 31

We are still looking for more diversity in our submissions, and especially would like to see some submissions from Dads. So we are going to keep working to spread the word, and if you can help us with that, please let us know.For those who submitted by the Jan 31 deadline, we will still be getting back to you by March 31 to let you know if your submission will be included.

2. We are widening our criteria for submissions

Initially we had specified that we were looking for survivors of childhood abuse. While that will still remain the main focus, we are now opening the submission process to any parent who is an abuse survivor. Rape and domestic abuse survivors have the same experience of working through triggers while parenting as those who survived childhood abuse, and we believe that their stories are an important part of this project as well.

3. We are now accepting submissions of poetry as well as essays. If you have already submitted an essay, but would like to submit a poem as well, you are more than welcome to do that.

4. We are specifying more details about what we do and do not want in submissions

Our focus for this anthology is on healing from abuse. Our triggers are windows into those places inside us that still need our loving attention. As such, we want the focus to be on the here and now, the issues that come up for you as you parent  your kids. We do not want to focus on any specific details of the abuse itself unless it is directly related to one of those triggers, and is necessary to tell that story.

How can one raise a child without incorporating the ideas that she/he was taught and saw as a child? We all want to break the cycle of abuse, but if we don’t pay attention to the triggers, we miss the clues on how to do that.

What are your triggers?
How do they come up?
What part of you is still hurting, that the trigger is bringing attention to?
How have you or are you healing through parenting?

Thank you to everyone who has been following along as this project develops. It is a big learning curve for both Dawn and I, but then again, we are doing something groundbreaking, so that is bound to be the case. Keep on joining in the conversation, and keep on sharing as much as possible about Trigger Points.

Our Stories Matter.


7 thoughts on “Anthology submissions update

  1. Dear Dawn & Joyelle: I love the email below and am glad for more time because I have a story, specific about mothering in the now impacted by the past, that I didn’t have time for that is important. Anyhow, now I’ll get to submit it.

    Apart from my own submitting to the anthology, I just wanted to say, f you ever want or need an extra set of eyes or ears for anything, please let me know. Again, I’m happy to be a contributor and supporter and I’m not trying to step on toes. I worked on a newsletter for incest survivors at a women’s center 20 years ago. It was intense to read the work of survivors, many of whom were in great crisis and pain. So, I hope you are both gentle with yourselves, have lots of love and support and yell out if you need help.

    People like me are happy to contribute or SUPPORT you. This is worthwhile and important and AMAZING work. So, if it takes a few mos. later, so what. It’s a book that I would have loved and would still love. SO YAY!!!!

    If you need any help, please say so. And if not, just know how deeply and how much this work you are doing is appreciated!

    It’s life-changing, ground breaking and essential.

    But your day to day lives matter too!!!!

    Thinking of you and inspired by you both. And I have to say, there are FUN and LIGHT and WONDERFUL stories as well. If you need those, I have one. There was a moment recently where I said to my daughter, “Who do you trust?” It came up because she had a curling iron near my head and I said, “I trust you with that.” We were talking about trust. How there are different kinds. Some people you trust with a curling iron near your face. Some with feelings. Some with advice about where to take your car and how there are different levels of trust. And I said how there can people in your life you like and even love but don’t necessarily trust. I was thinking like my whole fucking family of origin and building the bricks to explain why we do and don’t see certain people. Anyhow, she’s totally puzzled and she looks at me and says, “Why would I have someone in my life I don’t trust?” And I wanted to cry, hug her and weep for myself because from the start I had to learn to live and love without trust and so that basic boundary and that basic knowing that if you’re in my life I trust you and if I don’t trust – you aren’t – is something at 48 I don’t even have so clear. It was both joyous and sad at the same time. But wonderful and illuminating and these are the gems. The worth it part. The things we didn’t even know we didn’t know until we know them.

    Warmly, Cissy


    1. Wow Cissy, I love that. And you have opened my eyes too. I think if you could write a piece for us about that moment, it would be really wonderful. We spend so much time dealing with our triggers, that maybe we don’t see the gifts. And that is an important part of it to honour as well.
      And thank you for your offer to contribute beyond writing. We will keep that in mind as we get further along. I’m sure there will come a point when an extra set of eyes would be helpful.


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