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We Have a Book Cover!

Drum roll please…..

With exactly one month to launch date, here is a sneak peak at the book cover!

This image is a piece of collage art that I created after my first son was born. I was trying to visually represent how motherhood had taken my whole self apart, re-arranged all the pieces and put them back together in a completely new and un-recognizable pattern. How I was reborn just as my son was born.

This morning I realized that after my second son was born I went through this process even more intensely, as I experienced devastating depression both during my pregnancy and afterwards. And I had a light bulb moment. Because even though I love him more than I can say, I still have moments where I regret having a second child because going through that depression nearly killed me. But I realized this morning that all the work I am doing now, both with this anthology and with the Love Your Body Summit, is a direct result of having him and going through that depression. It forced me to look at all my broken places that I was trying to gloss over and really face my darkness. And it brought me to what I now consider the greatest work of my life.

Reading all these stories of amazing moms and dads working so hard to break the cycle of abuse is so incredibly powerful. Each conversation I have right now about this book ends the same way. The person turns to me and says:

“You know this book is going to change people’s lives right?”

And I say “Yes, I know.”

Because it has already changed mine.



3 thoughts on “We Have a Book Cover!

  1. The cover is magnificent. It’s perfect. I found my hands shaking as I scrolled down to see the cover. When I got there, I did that rapid intake of breath, followed by a teary-choking in my throat with a whispered, “Yes!” Because you captured it. Thank you. I’m excited to read everyone’s stories and I’m honored to be a part of it. I’m so proud of the work you are both doing to launch this! Many thanks and much love to you both!


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