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Contributor news: Cis White

We are so proud and excited for Trigger Points contributor Cis White, who has just done something really big! Cis just open the Heal Write Now Centre in Weymouth, MA. This is a space to gather to create hope, health and happiness. Dawn and I know the incredible power that writing and creativity have had in our healing processes, and we are so blown away by the impact this is going to have. Read on to find out about some of her upcoming workshops for trauma survivors.


All workshops held or hosted at the center focus on the following:

  • healing
  • creativity
  • mindfulness
More than half of us have or will experience traumatic stress. Many of us live with post-traumatic stress. All of us grieve, face loss, go through major life transitions and have emotions and experiences worthy of sharing.
Here’s what is offered every month at the Heal Write Now Center:
  • Facilitated expressive writing, 4-Sunday sessions
  • Free-Write Friday Night
  • Adverse Childhood Experience Workshop on the lifelong impact of childhood adversity on adult health.

While expressive writing is therapeutic – no therapy is provided. And that’s by design. For one, I’m not qualified to do so. Plus, in this space we gather as equals. A diagnosis of whatever doesn’t matter nor do any big fancy degree. WHO YOU ARE is what matters, not what you have or do.

We gather as the experts of our own experiences. Isn’t that what we all crave as humans – to be and feel safe and real?  Yet, too often we are silent or feel ashamed of or hide our deepest selves.

Writing allows us to tap into bliss, loss, joy and sorrow and cull the wisdom or the message from each. Writing invites us to remember that while we can’t right the wrongs of the past we can write the present and shape a new future. We are the authors of our lives. We get to narrate the now. We get to know and tell our own real-life stories to the open page (and if we want – one another).
You don’t have to consider yourself a writer or someone in recovery or healing to attend any workshop. We ALL have a story we have a “write” to tell even if only to ourselves on the open page. Doing so is good for health.
I offer and share tools which are portable and affordable, accessible and effective. That’s why I host workshops by others. Award-winning author and columnist, Suzette Martinez Standring will give her Hypnotic Recall for Writers Class on Jan. 17th. A week later, on Jan. 24th, Mary Lovely and Laura Parrot Perry of Say It, Survivor will lead a workshop for adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse. There will be guided imagery coming too.
I hope to see your face and maybe you’ll check out a class or workshop or have one you’d like to offer.
I admit I’m an introvert and better at writing and creating than marketing. I’m trying to fin way to communicate that a my passion for writing and social change has become a business. I could use some help. If you are willing to share news about my open house, workshops, website or gut-honest memoir I would appreciate it more than I can convey in an email. I also consult with and speak to organizations about the following:
  • trauma survivors as super utilizers of healthcare
  • expressive writing for wellness
  • making sure trauma-informed care is informed by trauma survivors
  • learning how to live, love and parent well even after being raised in hell
If you know of any leads, grants, funding or initiatives related to health, writing, developmental trauma, feminism and creative healing please send them
Thank you for supporting me, my business, healing, writing and growth. I’m so humbled and grateful.
Thanks again for any help spreading the word on any of the following.
The Heal Write Now Center events:
The Heal Write Now website:
The Heal Write Now Facebook Community of over 1400:

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