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*Submission Opportunity to Guest Post for the Trigger Points Blog*

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We are running an open call for submissions to guest post on the Trigger Points blog throughout the month of February, with the theme Survivors Empowering Survivors.

Our intention with this series is to engage the survivor community with stories written by survivors. We’re looking to inspire readers by introducing them to the difference you are making in your day to day, or on a larger scale. Especially, as it pertains to parenting as a survivor.

We want to hear about:

  • A book you’ve written or are working on.
  • A workshop, class, center, non-for-profit or conference you created or helped create.
  • Your experience speaking or teaching on the topic.

Other stories we are interested in:

  • A discussion you’ve had with your child(ren) about your abuse.
  • You’ve found a way to channel your recovery in a healthy, challenging way i.e. running, creative arts.
  • A therapeutic model you have used that has positively (or negatively) affected your recovery i.e. EFT, EMDR, CBT, DBT
  • A trigger you have experienced that you are struggling with; one you may or may not have learned to manage yet.
  • Your reaction to reading the Trigger Points Anthology and the impact it left on you.
  • An essay you have written based on one of the journal prompts from the Trigger Points Anthology.

If you have an idea based on something other than what is listed here, we encourage you to reach out to us.

We prefer original essays tailored to the survivor community, which includes loved ones of survivors and those that are working with survivors on their recovery journey. However, we will consider previously published work. Please let us know if what you are submitting has been previously published.

We will be accepting essays until February 7th. Send your essay in the body of an email to, with guest post submission as the subject. Don’t forget to add a short bio (3 to 5 lines) with a headshot if you would like. And send along an image to go with your essay if you have one.

We want this to be an opportunity to relate, engage, learn and teach within the survivor community.

We can’t wait to hear from you guys!

♥ Dawn & Joyelle





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