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The #FacesOfPTSD campaign launches today!

Today we are launching the ‪#‎FacesOfPTSD‬ campaign to raise awareness and start a conversation about survivors mental health. When we can talk about it, we can heal.

How you can participate:

· “Attend” and share the #FacesOfPTSD event scheduled for Friday, May 6 th

· On May 6 th , share an image of yourself—or if you don’t live with PTSD but still want to show support, share one of the images posted on our page—and be sure to include the hashtag #FacesOfPTSD

· Use any of the #FacesOfPTSD campaign images if you publish a blog post or any articles about PTSD

· Know the facts. Women and children get PTSD. Women get it twice as often as men. Children get PTSD.

Men get PTSD and women in the military get PTSD, too, typically from sexual assault rather than combat.

Let’s make a change!

It’s important to accurately represent the thousands of women and men living day to day, while doing the best they can to manage flashbacks, constant triggers and the debilitating medical and mental health effects of this disorder. It’s time to recognize the many #FacesOfPTSD.



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